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We are open on Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00 pm.  Admission is free.  Bring a friend


The Springfield Art & Historical Society exists to promote an appreciation of Springfield’s history and historical art by identifying, collecting, preserving, and making available material that documents the story of the town’s people, industry, and culture.

Saturday, May 20 at 2 pm.

Program: "Who was Marcia Brown?"

Daniel Ladue of Plattsburg, NY, author of Bold and Courageous: 25 North Country Women and Their Exceptional Contributions, will tell us about this remarkable local woman, whose life spanned two continents and, up until now, was literally unknown. Marcia Brown was born in Springfield in 1835; granddaughter of Elisha Brown who came to Vermont in 1790. Her “North Mowing” Brown family includes Horace Brown, the painter, and Dr. Jeremy Brown, educator, who left land for the sports fields at Riverside. Her education began in the local schools and went beyond to become a certified teacher. Through the 1870s, she taught in Springfield, Rutland, and Burlington, Vermont, Plattsburgh, New York, and Malden, Massachusetts. In 1888 the government of Brazil, S. A. decided to overhaul their entire educational system. Due to her impressive background, she was invited to join a team of other Americans and Brazilians on this project. The program was a success and resulted in two schools being named after her: one in Malden, MA and one in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Marcia Brown died on April 6, 1923. Her estate left $2,000 to the Springfield Town Library, in memory of her grandfather, and two female scholarships to the University of Vermont

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How to Clean a Gravestone; from workshop done in 2020 by Scott Andrew Bartley for SAHS

Spring Cleaning??  Donate your best items to our yard sale!  

Our annual yard sale will be held on Sat. Sepetmber 16th.  If you have items to donate, please call Betty Kinsman at 886-2414 to arrange to drop them off.  

This is an important fund raiser for SAHS.  Thanks!

Enjoy the video made by Jackie Barr with historical data provided by Bunni Putnam of the SAHS.  Visit SAHS and see the dolls and carriages.

Can you help?

More important than ever in 2022!

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented all of us with challenges we never envisioned.  We all have shared in the lockdowns, mask wearing, food shortages, and some of us have been on the front lines of the “battle.”


The Springfield Art and Historical Society would like to hear about your personal experiences and perspectives during this unprecedented time so that we can preserve them in our archives for future research and education by generations to come.   Responses mailed to SAHS, PO Box 336, North Springfield, VT 05150 or can be emailed to  Please include your name only if you are comfortable in doing so.  

Thank you to the people who submitted stories.  It's so important to capture the stories of the pandemic for history.  

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