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If you are a current member- Thank You -  you will receive a renewal in the mail (or by email) when you are due to renew.  Memberships are renewed on an ongoing basis, so it depends on when you joined.

Want to join?  Please print and mail this form

Our members are vital to the success of our mission, serving the community of Springfield

To join us, simply choose a category of membership below, include your contact information

(so we can send you an acknowledgement and our thanks) and include your check.  Thanks!




P.O. Box 336, North Springfield, VT  05150

(please note our mailing address)


New Members & Donation Form


(   ) Individual  $20     (  ) Family  $35    (  )   Advocate  $50     (  ) Sponsor  $100 ( ) Benefactor $250


Name:  _____________________________________  Phone:  ___________


Address:  ______________________________________________________


City:  ________________________  ST:  _____________   Zip:  ___________


Email:  _______________________________________Date:  ____________

(Will only be used for our communication to you; will not be shared.)

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