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Programs - All programs are free and open to the public -come and bring a friend. Enjoy the videos of past programs.

Past programs that are available to view on SAPA TV 

(Thanks to SAPA TV and Bruce & Marita Johnson, Weston Marshall & Bryce Honeywell):


John Swanson 3/13/2024 (2 tapes):
You need to fast forward past the intro about VT roads

Presentation on Russell Porter - 1/20/24 ( by Rick Hunter

SAHS - Paratroopers in the Invasion of Sicily ( by Cori Santagate and Merik


SAHS - Traditional Hand Tools with Wade Smith, 2/18/23 (

"Then and Now" - Presented by Rosanne “Bunni” Putnam on January 21, 2023.  Enjoy.

Thanks to Wes Marshall for taping it. Clink link to watch the show.

May 21, 2022 Program on The Geologic History of Springfield, VT 

Feb 19, 2022  Program on J&L:

Did you miss the program on the photos in the 2020 Calendar? 

New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell

Co-Sponsored by SAHS & OLLI

Shows a few quilts from the SAHS collection in the program.


OLLI's program: "Mid 20th Century Springfield with Bill Lashua"

Bill Lashua talks about his father’s photograph’s compared to today (2006) - the Historical Society recently received the huge photo collection of his father’s. 

SAHS Programs on Blue Sox Uniform Donation and The History of Surveying

History of Prohibition presented by Bunni Putnam

Women who Served in WWII presented by Hugh Putnam:

"Rehearsal for War"  with presenters Mryic McBain and Corey Santagate  

Springfield Electric Railway with Walter Wallace:

D Day Invasion Units with Cori & Myric:

Follow this link to see the program "Sharpshooters in the Civil War" by Howard Coffin

Follow this link to see the program "Springfield 1913-1914" by Rosanne "Bunni" Putnam

Follow this link to see the program "Shem Kentfield and his Gun" presented by Eric Bye.

Follow this link to see the program "With Iron in His Blood: Edward Sanford French with Presenter Walter Wallace:

This link takes you to "Hurricane of 1938 in Springfield" with presenter Hugh Putnam:

Follow this link to see Hugh Putnam discuss the photos on the 2018 Historic Calendar published by SAHS.

October 2017 Annual meeting of SAHS: CablecastPublicSite/show/12497?channel=2

Follow this link to see the program "Springfield before 1771" by Scott Andrew Bartley. 

Check out "Blue Sox: A Saga of Spfld. Baseball 1920s – 1940s"

This link will take you to the program "Myths Debunked" by Rosanne Bunni Putnam 

This link will take you to "Springfield Floods 1869-1927" with Hugh and Rosanne Bunni Putnam

This link will take you to Becky Tucker's SAPA show on the "Dam Project"  on Betsy Levine's show "Focus on the Arts".  Check it out.
Guest: Weathersfield Historian and Author Becky Tucker


And this will take you to the program Becky did at SAHS: 

This link will take you to the program "Trench Warfare, 1864-1918- Hell is a Hole in the Dirt" with Richard Tucker, Historian


Check out "Military Uniforms of World War I" with presenters Mryic McBain and Corey Santagate: 

This link will take you to the program "Springfield WWII Airplane Spotters 

This link will take you to the program "Surprising History of Common Garden Vegetables

Lee Pewter:

Wm. Fitz Clock:

2016 Calendar Photos:

Ron Patch and Rosanne Bunni Putnam at the Art Show:

Need a place to meet with your group?

If you are part of a non-profit group and looking for a place to hold a business meeting, our facility is available. It doesn't have to be open to the public.  We are located at 65 Route 106, North Springfield (Cota & Cota Building).  We have folding chairs and a large white screen.  We do not have cooking facilities, but for light refreshments, we have coffee makers and a small refrigerator.  There is no fee.  A small donation is always welcome, but not necessary.  Contact Bunni Putnam (886-8430) or Betty Kinsman (886-2414).

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